Are Christmas lights worth the electricity bill?

Craig Clark November 09, 2016 Christmas decor Christmas light hanging LED lights

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Christmas is already expensive enough. Adding an increased electricity bill can put an even bigger dent in your bank account. It’s important to consider your wallet when decorating for the holidays and with rising energy prices some homeowners have begun to reconsider Christmas lights. But can Christmas lights really impact your hydro bill?

How much does it cost?

There are numerous variables when it comes to calculating the cost of running Christmas lights. Factors include:

  • The type of bulb
  • The amount of lights in the display
  • How many hours per day are they lit
  • How many days during the season are they on

The easiest way to save money on your hydro bills this Christmas is by switching from incandescent bulbs to LED (Light Emitting Diode). Modern LED lights are more efficient than their incandescent counterparts.

The most common bulb used for roof lines and large trees is the C9. An LED C9 bulb uses 0.96 watts, where a C9 incandescent bulb uses 7 watts. So how much does it cost to run LED versus incandescent?

Let’s look at a typical scenario to find out. Consider a home that runs 250 C9 bulbs for 6 hours per day over a 40 day period where the average charge is 15 cents per kWh. With LED the entire set up would cost as little as $8.64 while incandescent lights would cost $63.00. That’s a significant difference in price over the season and over the lifetime of the lights will amount to hundreds of dollars in energy savings.

Using a timer can help homeowners regulate the exact times when their lights on and off and prevent lights from being left on all night just because someone forgot to unplug them.

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Benefits of Christmas lights.

Christmas lights are a huge part of the holiday tradition. It’s one of the first things to go up in the winter and one of the last things to come down in the New Year. It shows your Christmas spirit. If you don’t mind any extra expenses it adds a festive atmosphere to your home or business.

Why choose LED lights?

  • They have a longer life.
  • Built with incredibly durable qualities.
  • Free of toxic chemicals.
  • The most energy efficient with an estimated 80-90% energy efficiency compared to traditional light bulbs.
  • Produce little infrared light and almost no UV emissions.
  • Great for outdoors.
  • Well-designed arrangements can produce spectacular lighting effects.
  • LEDS brighten immediately after being switched on.
  • Require a low-voltage.

Burlington Christmas light hanging service.

The holidays always brings more stress and less time. We’re all busy trying to celebrate the festive season. So, save some time and arrange for a light hanging service.

For timely and efficient service contact Christmas Decor. We provide the lights and decorations, installation, maintenance, take-down and service. A truly turn-key service that provides excellent results and allows you to sit back and enjoy the best of the season.