Why you should get an early start putting up Christmas lights.

Craig Clark October 19, 2016 Christmas decor Christmas light hanging

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Every year when we start to see Christmas decorations in stores we all begin to think it’s way too early. But, the holidays have a way of sneaking up on you. Before you can even recover from Thanksgiving it’s time to start considering your Christmas decorations. The earlier you start organizing yourself and getting into the holiday spirit the better chance you’ll have of getting exactly what you want.

Best choice of decor

Stores only get limited stock of Christmas decorations. It is only for a few months. If there’s something specific you want then you should make your way down to the shops to get first picks. Also, you may find something unique or different that’s usually sold out early in the season. Leaving Christmas decoration shopping too late can mean you’re forced to choose from a small selection of rejects.

Beat the snow and ice

When winter hits it brings large amounts of snow, ice and wind. These factors make outdoor Christmas decorating incredibly difficult. Frozen gutters and shingles and Canada’s sub-zero temperatures can make plastic clips brittle causing them to easily break. This can lead to frustration and a shoddy display.

Ice and snow make the roof and other surfaces slippery and dangerous. A fall, even from a short height, can result in serious injuries. There are also a lot of other dangers that come with hanging your own lights such as electric shock. The added moisture from snow might make live electricity more vulnerable to shocks.

With snow and ice comes cold weather. It’s awful to climb the ladder and putter around your yard decorating during the blinding winter freeze. Avoiding the harshness of winter can make hanging Christmas lights way more enjoyable.

When booking a service you want to make sure they have availability

Christmas isn’t one of those things that can be pushed back. It’s the same date every year. Christmas light hanging services start booking clients in the fall. Slots for consultations and installations fill up fast and everyone wants their lights up around mid-November so there’s time to enjoy them.

If you’re thinking about scheduling a light hanging service make sure to contact them as early as possible. You don’t want to learn their calendar is full and you have to wait until next year.

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How early is too early?

Everyone is different and excitement levels for the holidays vary. Sometimes we might even see sprinkling of Christmas decorations amongst the ghosts, skeletons and pumpkins of Halloween. This feels like an age old question, but how early is too early? Some stores start stocking winter and Christmas products by the end of summer. December is one of the busiest times of year for many retailers. They’re just looking to widen that sales window even more.

Your home is another story. We understand that most people don’t want to have Christmas lights on while kids are trick-or-treating for Halloween. The good news is that even if you get your lights up early you don’t have to turn them on until you’re ready.

Benefits of a light hanging service

  • It’s a time saver.
  • Hanging lights can be dangerous.
  • Your display will look better.
  • Fewer mistakes.
  • No work for you.
  • Convenience.

Montreal Christmas light hanging service

Getting an early start on decorating is always a good idea. You will be able to do everything you want with little fuss. To save time this winter have Christmas Decor take care of design, install, service, takedown and storage.