The best ways to attach Christmas lights.

Craig Clark October 31, 2016 Christmas decor Christmas light hanging


There are so many ways to connect lights to your home, roof or landscaping. But, hanging lights outdoors need to be able to withstand the elements of winter. Wind, ice, snow. So, you must make sure to take all the necessary steps in properly connecting strings of lights.

Attaching Christmas lights to trees and bushes

The most traditional way of attaching lights to a tree is by draping them over the branches to form a canopy. The light string can be woven through and supported by larger branches. This technique works best for evergreens for a traditional Christmas look.

For deciduous trees, those that lose their leaves, wrapping mini-lights around the trunk or thicker branches is often the best way to highlight them. If there are no leaves or foliage tightly wrap strings around exposed tree limbs. This method allows a lot of lights to be packed into a very small space for a stunning visual.

Attaching Christmas lights to houses

When it comes to attaching Christmas lights to rooflines it’s best to avoid the use of nails or screws that can leave holes behind and look unsightly once the lights have been taken down. Here at Christmas Décor

There are many different types of clips designed to attach outdoor lights that are both secure and damage free. Christmas lights can be clipped directly on to the eaves trough or tucked below a layer of shingle. Best of all, they won’t leave any trace they were there after the season.

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How many strings of lights does it take for a house?

Buildings and trees are all different. Proper measurement and experience go a long way toward estimating the amount of light required. For a small four foot Christmas tree you may only need around 100 light bulbs to make an impact. Larger trees around 35 feet tall you will need between 800 and 1000 bulbs.

It all depends on the type of light you’re looking for. LED lights are brighter so you may not need as many. With mini-lights you will need significantly more. In the end, it’s better to concentrate the lights on key features around your home instead of spreading them thin. Lighting two shrubs really well will look nice than light 4 sparsely.

The dangers of hanging your own lights

  • You could get electrocuted.
  • It’s easy to fall on slippery ice and snow.
  • The weather is cold and could result in illness.
  • Roofs and large trees are high and you could seriously fall.
  • Awkward surfaces and shapes can make it difficult.

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If you’ve had enough of hanging your own lights each year you should contact a professional. Get an early start on Christmas decorating and call Christmas Decor for timely services.