Colour or white lights.

Craig Clark November 15, 2016 Christmas decor Christmas light hanging

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It’s a huge debate. White or coloured lights. Some people like the clean and uniform style of white lights while others enjoy the bright festive spirit of coloured lights. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

White lights.

Recently, people have started to shift from the more traditional coloured lights to the cleaner white lights. This is a more contemporary design. White lights give your home a uniform look. There’s a point in time where white lights started to signify a sort of sophistication.

White lights are usually LED, which is better for the environment. LED lights have a longer life, are incredibly durable and energy efficient. They give off a pure white light compared to the yellow of the more standard lights.

However, people’s choice of white lights is up to them. It’s definitely more within the latest Christmas decorating trends. Some people mix coloured and white, but it doesn’t look the same. With white lights you have to really commit to the one style. Most lights around your home will need to be white.

Colour lights.

This is definitely more of an 80s style. But, in some cases people have had enough of the colour white. Winter brings enough of the colourless shade. Bright mixes of lights shine through the snow. There’s lots you can do with coloured lights. You can stick to one colour or mix four or five different. The most common colours are red, yellow, purple, green and blue.

Coloured lights are commonly associated with outdoors. They’re the ones we use to decorate our homes. C-9 light sets average around 25 bulbs per string. On a space of around 50 feet you may need between 1000 to 1500 lights. This results in about 40 strings of lights for a large space.

The glow of the blue, red and purple give decor a more traditional feel. Some of us grew up with the suburban home boasting bright displays of colour. But, again it’s really up to the decorator to decide whether they enjoy white or colour lights. Don’t feel as though you’re being outdated by choosing colour.


Why do we put up Christmas lights?

Before lights people used to decorate their trees with candles. But, it was thought of as an expensive light source. Candles were attached to trees by gluing them with wax or attaching them with pins. Between 1902 and 1914 small lanterns and glass balls were used to hold candles. Beginning in the 1880s electrical Christmas lights were starting to be introduced, but were still quite rare. Illuminated Christmas trees were established in the United Kingdom and spread through emigration to North America and Australia.

Lights didn’t fully take over for candles until 1930. Over the next few decades Christmas lights started to overcome other places other than trees. Strings were starting to appear on mantles, doorways, rafters, roof lines and porch lines of homes and businesses. Famous Christmas light displays include The Rockefeller Center in New York City, Kobe Luminarie in Japan and Niagara Falls in Ontario.

Benefits of a light hanging service.

  • It’s a time saver.
  • Hanging lights can be dangerous.
  • Your display will look better.
  • Less mistakes.
  • No work for you.
  • Convenience.

Ontario Christmas light hanging.

If you’re too busy during the holiday season to properly put up your own Christmas lights then a light hanging service might be for you. For timely and efficient decorating make sure to contact Christmas Decor.