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Christmas is a time for family, friends and decking the halls — and nobody decorates quite like Christmas Decor by Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control!

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is Canada’s largest provider of residential and commercial humane wildlife exclusion and prevention services. Still operating 365 days-a-year, the winter months are slower due to colder weather and less demand for wildlife services. This allows Skedaddle trucks and technicians to be available and equipped to install Christmas Decor lights and other decorations.

The partnership works because Skedaddle has the manpower, equipment and the training to ensure that all safety and technical standards are met.

Our commitment to customer service excellence was recognized at Christmas Decor’s annual conference where we earned the 2014 Canadian Franchise of the Year award.

A Christmas Decor design consultant will arrive at your home for a free consultation and provide you with a customized quote to fit all of your holiday design needs.

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